Red, orange and yellow digital ones and zeros stream from front to back across the frame. The numbers are clear in the foreground, blurry in the background, giving the image a sense of motion.

eSPA training is on the horizon

Photograph of the unibody iMac. The screensaver is an image of space -- swirling matter and stars.

“eSPA?” you ask. In case you have missed our previous announcements, OARS is in the process of implementing a new Electronic Sponsored Programs Administration (eSPA) software tool — Evisions Cayuse Research Suite — that will officially launch on January 1, 2015.

This system will provide for system-to-system electronic submission of all Federal proposals formerly submitted through and Fastlane, and will replace our paper Proposal Approval Form (PAF) with electronic routing. In addition, the new system’s robust features will allow faculty and administrators to generate grant-activity reports on their own at any time.

We will launch training for this new system on October 6-8, when Evisions staff will be onsite at the Oxford campus. OARS will lead additional training sessions throughout the remainder of fall semester, with multiple sessions every two weeks, to accommodate as many schedules as possible. Be on the look out — here on the blog, on Twitter @MiamiOH_OARS, on the OARS website, and on 25Live — for the training schedule for specific dates and times.

For more information about eSPA, read the FAQs on the OARS website or contact me.

Featured image (left) by user flavioloka, used with permission. Image above by Matthieu Riegler (user:Kyro) via Wikimedia Commons, used under Creative Commons license.

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