Picture of King Library at Miami University during Fall Semester. Picture of trees with fall leaves in the foreground.

Ribbon cut to open Office of Research for Undergraduates

A woman in a floral skirt and black jacket and a man in a sport coat and tie, both in the center of the image, use a giant pair of gold scissors to cut a large red ribbon stretching across the image. To the left of the image a man in a suit and tie uses a normal-sized pair of scissors to help the man and woman holding the giant scissors cut the ribbon. Three other men -- two in suits and ties and one in a sports jacket and tie look on. Everyone is smiling.
Miami University’s interim provost, Dr. Ray Gorman (far left), gives the assist as Sharon Mitchell (third from right), chair of Miami’s board of trustees, and Dr. David Hodge (second from right), university president, cut the ribbon on Miami’s new Office of Research for Undergraduates (ORU). Looking on are Dr. Jim Oris, associate provost for research and dean of the graduate school, Graham Bowling, Board of Trustees student member, and Jerome Conley, dean of University Libraries.

Chair of the Miami University Board of Trustees Sharon Mitchell and university president Dr. David Hodge cut the ribbon to officially open the Office of Research for Undergraduates (ORU) on September 18.

Mitchell and Hodge were joined by Board of Trustees student member Graham Bowling, interim provost Ray Gorman, associate provost Jim Oris and dean of University Libraries Jerome Conley.

Introductory remarks were delivered by Jim Oris, who thanked past and present Miami staff for their roles in helping create the ORU. “This office has been made possible by the vision, creativity, and flexibiity of those who came before me, of those who are here today, and of those who will follow us in the future,” he said.

After the ribbon was cut, attendees were invited to explore the ORU space, which is located on the main floor of King Library, in Suite 122. In addition to office space and a conference room, the ORU includes nearly 2000 square feet of advanced inquiry space (AIS) that can be configured to enable a variety of formal and informal activities for small and large groups.

Director of undergraduate research Joe Johnson and undergraduate research coordinator Martha Weber were on hand to answer questions.

The ORU is the first office at Miami University dedicated solely to coordinating and progressing undergraduate research. It facilitates research activity by undergraduates across campus and markets programs to current and prospective students.

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