New committee to explore university-wide reporting system

Two side-by-side head-and-shoulders portraits of men in jackets and ties.
Associate Provost for Research and Scholarship Jim Oris (left) and IT Services Business Analyst Dana Miller (right) will chair the newly formed Activities and Initiatives Reporting Committee

The Provost’s Office has formed a committee to explore a university-wide faculty activities and initiatives reporting system. Chaired by Associate Provost Jim Oris and ITS’s Dana Miller, the committee is comprised of associate deans from all university divisions. Guided by the LEAN process, the committee will determine requirements for an enterprise level system for reporting annual faculty activities.

Such a system should provide faculty with a mechanism to:

  • Record and report annual activities
  • Generate multiple formats for curriculum vitae
  • Create promotion and tenure dossiers in a single system, without the need for duplicate data entry

The system should also provide analytics and data flow for:

  • Departmental program review and accreditation reports
  • Divisional and university-wide accreditation
  • 2020 Plan reporting.

The committee will meet through the remainder of fall semester 2014, with the goal of producing a feasibility study and systems requirements report for distribution and discussion by the end of January 2015.

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