An illustration of recursive cycles. Blue lines -- some solid, some dotted -- form circles on a charcoal grey background. There are arrows and open circles at intervals along the lines. At the top of each circle, a line extends beyond the circle to create a new half circle that connects to the next full circle.

Provost’s office announces recipients of Innovation & Interdisciplinary funding awards

Line drawings of compact fluorescent lightbulbs on brown paper. The lightbulbs are arranged at an angle to the bottom of the frame, and they are arranged in rows. In each row, the orientation of the lightbulbs alternates, so that the part that lights up extends toward the top of the frame in one row, and toward the bottom in the next. One bulb in the center is colored white, so that it appears to be lit up.

Last week, the Provost’s office announced which projects have been selected for Innovation & Interdisciplinary funding.  Congratulations to the following teams.

Community Place-Based Interdisciplinary Program

Tammy Schwartz, Urban Teaching Cohort Program
Thomas Dutton, Center for Community Engagement in Over-the-Rhine
Monica Ways, Office of Community Engagement and Service
Lee Harrington, Sociology & Gerontology
Walter Vanderbush, Latin American, Latino/a, & Caribbean Studies

Drawing from the lessons learned in the Urban Teaching Cohort three-year community-based curriculum model, the project aims to encourage other academic programs to develop urban community-based pedagogies and practices relevant to their disciplines.  Its goals are to generate new courses and team-teaching across departments, create teaching teams composed of Miami faculty and community-based professionals, build multi-year curricular paths, and strengthen community partnerships.  $115,000

Dream Keepers: A Grow-Your-Own Initiative

Denise Taliaferro-Baszile, Educational Leadership
Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis, English

The goal of this project is to implement a three-year college readiness program targeted at high-achieving multicultural students in urban school districts in the greater Cincinnati area.  Miami faculty and undergraduate students will collaborate with local community educators to engage teams of high school students in after-school workshops and summer experiences aimed at enhancing cognitive strategies, self-management, and college knowledge.  $150,000

 Expanding the First-Year Research Experience (FYRE) Program

Joseph Johnson, Psychology and Office of Research for Undergraduates

The goal of this project is to revise and expand the existing First-Year Research Program to serve 300-400 students across a wider range of degree programs.  The revised program features a multi-year curriculum and organizes students into research teams guided by peer mentors and graduate assistants who are supervised by faculty members.  $100,000

Miami University Food Studies Institute

Peggy Shaffer, History and American Studies
Alfredo Huerta, Biology
Thomas Crist, Institute for Environmental Studies
Sheila Croucher, American Studies
Amelie Davis, Geography
Ann Fuehrer, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
John Keegan, Biology
Neringa Klumbyte, Anthropology
Anita Mannur, Asian & Asian American Studies, English, and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Beth Miller, Kinesiology & Health
Jason Palmeri, English
Nancy Parkinson, Kinesiology & Health
Charles Stevens, International Studies Program

The goals of this project are to:

  • Coordinate and develop interdisciplinary curricula centered on food;
  • Support interdisciplinary research and grant development focused on food-related issues;
  • House an experiential learning center that features a multifunctional organic garden and sustainable composting facility.


Global Health Research Innovation Center

Cameron Hay-Rollins, Anthropology

The goals of this project are to:

  • Establish research partnerships with domestic and international organizations;
  • Design interdisciplinary projects and write research grants to support them;
  • Conduct the research, and publicize findings, thereby raising the profile of global health at Miami University.


Miami University Center for Analytics & Data Science

John Bailer, Statistics
Allison Jones-Farmer, Information Systems & Analytics
Skip Benamati, Information Systems & Analytics
Robert Dahlstrom, Marketing
James Kiper, Computer Science & Software Engineering
Gillian Oakenfull, Marketing

The goals of this project are to:

  • Develop interdisciplinary academic programs that directly address high demand skills;
  • Partner with internal and external organizations to develop experiential learning opportunities;
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaborative research;
  • Provide professional development for Miami students, faculty, and staff in data science skills.


Miami University Agile Initiative

Jerry Gannod, Computer Science & Software Engineering
Douglas Havelka, Information Systems & Analytics
Timothy Krehbiel, Management
Eric Luczaj, Computer & Information Technology

The goal of this project is to establish Miami as a leader in using Agile in higher education and helping other institutions to adopt Agile by creating workshops designed to expand Miami faculty’s knowledge of Agile and producing graduates who use Agile for learning, discovery, reflection, and innovation throughout their careers.  In addition, the project proposers plan to develop and offer fee-based professional education in Agile as a means of sustaining the initiative over time.  $120,000

NOTE: Award amounts listed represent total recommended funding for the full three-year project period.  In practice, after first-year awards are made, funding in the second and third years will be contingent on meeting first-year outcomes and continuing progress.

Illustrations by Libby Levi for, via Flickr.  Used under Creative Commons license.

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