A student wearing a t-shirt that reads, Alcohol Research, holds a clipboard and a pen. He is smiling and talking to someone who cannot be seen in the photo.

Office of Research Compliance offers tips for submitting IRB applications

A student researcher measures the waist circumference of a research subject.

The following tips will help you successfully submit your IRB application.


Please remember that the primary contact on the application needs to complete both the on-campus and CITI training prior to submitting an IRB application. If the primary contact is a student, the faculty advisor listed needs to complete both parts of the training. Other personnel listed on the application need to complete the CITI training only. If other personnel are from another institution, please provide a copy of their CITI training certification. The IRB and/or Research Compliance Office will request a copy of their training certification prior to approval.

Location permission

When conducting research outside Miami University’s campus, it is wise to receive permission from the property owner and/or management prior to conducting the study. Please provide a copy of this approval document (or email) when submitting your IRB application.

Additional documents

When your research project involves children, please remember to submit both a student assent document and a parental consent form with your application. Please review your application to make sure all your instruments are attached to the appendix.


Please double check to make sure the title listed on the cover page matches the title on the research description and appendices.


It is always best to have someone else proofread your application prior to submission. As always, if you have questions regarding the application process please contact the Research Compliance Office at 513-529-3600 or humansubjects@MiamiOH.edu.

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