New CUR division announced + upcoming CUR events

Screen shot of CUR website

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) recently announced the establishment of an Education Division. According to CUR, the new division will provide leadership and discipline-specific expertise in developing undergraduate research in Schools of Education, education-related programs and in related fields and professions.

This division will facilitate communication and collaboration among CUR members from all divisions who are interested in promoting undergraduate research in teacher preparation programs and related professions.  More specifically this division will:

  •  Isolate, articulate and address the issues and challenges that facilitate and/or inhibit the adoption of Undergraduate Research into the complex activities of teaching and learning within educational units and institutions, particularly with regard to teacher preparation and induction.
  • Bring together the critical mass of educators who can facilitate the inclusion of high-impact learning experiences, specifically undergraduate research, into curricula through practices and models of undergraduate research that are unique to educational institutions, teacher education-related programs and associated fields and professions.
  • Advocate and provide leadership for networks/communities of educators to support the full adoption of undergraduate research in educational institutions.
  • Bring together the critical mass needed to address the need for sustained system-wide student-centric pedagogical practices in Education and education related practices. Create a cohesive community of academics best prepared to engage granting agencies with goals to affect prospective educators and their respective community of practice.

To learn more about CUR and how to join for free, read this post.

Please take note of these upcoming CUR events:

  • October 2: Deadline for nominations for CUR Biology Division Mentor Awards (5:00pm)
  • October 13: Deadline to submit a prospectus for submission for Fall 2016 issue of CUR Quarterly
  • October 15-17: Initiating & Sustaining Undergraduate Research Programs institute, hosted by the University of Missouri, Columbia
  • November 4: Deadline to submit CUR Posters on the Hill application
  • November 6-8: Creative Inquiry in the Arts & Humanities Institute

More information, including links to register, can be found on the OARS Events calendar or on the CUR website.

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