A yellow stripe on a road is stamped with the word "E-MAIL."

eSPA entity accounts retired

A clock, with the word "RETIRE" in place of the number 3. The small hand is on "RETIRE" and the big hand is on 12, indicating it is time to retire.

OARS heard frustrations about the entity accounts we originally established for eSPA notifications, and we’ve taken action to make things better. Last month we began changing the email addresses associated with approver accounts in eSPA to each approver’s personal Miami account. That process is now complete, and from this point forward, all notifications that a proposal record or advanced account request is waiting for approval will be sent to approvers’ personal Miami email inbox.

When we launched eSPA, we initially thought that having to change email addresses every time a chair, dean, or director changed would be too labor-intensive for our small staff. However, now that the system has been up and running for nearly a year, we have learned that changing approvers in departments and colleges requires other manual changes in eSPA, and that changing email addresses at the same time takes little additional effort.

We thank approvers for their feedback and hope they continue to let us know how the system works for for them as we go forward. To that end, OARS will distribute a short survey in the coming month. We ask all approvers to be on the lookout for this survey and to encourage their grant-active faculty who have experience with eSPA to complete it as well.

Retirement clock photo by American Advisors Group via Flickr. Email road photo by sophie & cie via Flickr. Both used under Creative Commons license.


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