A pen, a red sticky note and a calculator rest on an open dayplanner.

OARS consultants update areas of responsibility


To help distribute workload and ensure excellent customer service, OARS’ two grant consultants — Anne Schauer and Tricia Callahan — divide their areas of responsibility by department or center/institute. These areas of responsibility are periodically updated to accommodate new departments and centers/institutes and to re-distribute workload equitably. Following such an update last week, Miami University researchers may have a new consultant. Changes are summarized below and a full list of departments and centers/institutes can be found here.

New areas of responsibility for Anne Schauer

Architecture and Interior Design (formerly Tricia Callahan)
Center for Analytics and Data Science (new center)
Center for Advanced Microscopy and Imaging (formerly unassigned)
Center for Business Leadership (formerly unassigned)
Center for Information Management (formerly unassigned)
Center for Public Management and Regional Affairs (formerly unassigned)
Confucius Institute (formerly unassigned)
Education and SocietyRegionals (new/re-organized department)
Information Systems and Analytics (new/re-organized department)
Geospatial Analysis Center (new center)
Justice and Community StudiesRegionals(new/re-organized department)
Mathematical and Physical SciencesRegionals (new/re-organized department)
Mindfulness and Contemplative Inquiry Center (new center)
Ohio Writing Project (formerly unassigned)
Regionals Administrative Units (new/re-organized department)
Statistical Consulting Center (formerly unassigned)

New areas of responsibility for Tricia Callahan

Biological Sciences – Regionals (new/re-organized department)
Center for Aquatic and Watershed Sciences (formerly unassigned)
Center for Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics (formerly unassigned)
Center for Excellence for Structural Biology and Metabonomics (formerly unassigned)
Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs (formerly unassigned)
Commerce – Regionals (new/re-organized department)
Ecology Research Center (formerly unassigned)
French and Italian (formerly Anne Schauer)
Global and Intercultural Studies (formerly Anne Schauer)
German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures/GRAMELAC (formerly Anne Schauer)
Havighurst Center (formerly unassigned)
Hefner Museum (formerly unassigned)
History (formerly Anne Schauer)
Humanities and Creative Arts – Regionals (new/re-organized department)
Interactive Media Studies/Augmented Reality (new/re-organized department)
Interdisciplinary and Community Studies – Regionals (new/re-organized department)
Languages, Literatures, and Writing – Regionals (new/re-organized department)
McGuffey Museum (previously unassigned)
Myaamia Center (formerly unassigned)
Social and Behavioral Sciences – Regionals (new/re-organized department)
Spanish and Portuguese (formerly Anne Schauer)

You can reach Anne Schauer at schauerap@MiamiOH.edu or 513-529-3735. You can reach Tricia Callahan at callahtl@MiamiOH.edu or 513-529-1795.

Desk photo by photosteve101 via Flickr, used under Creative Commons license. Photo of Anne Schauer, courtesy of Anne Schauer. Photo of Tricia Callahan by Miami University Photo Services.

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