Abstract illustration of four faces, showing diversity in colors, features, and so on.

Recipients of internal grants in social justice, human rights, diversity, and inclusion announced

Illustration of hands of various colors and sizes raised as though volunteering.

This past spring, as part of broader university-wide diversity and inclusion efforts, Miami University’s Office of the President and the Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (OARS) issued a special call for proposals to conduct research, scholarship, or creative activities in the areas of social justice, human rights, diversity, and inclusion. Below is a list of projects that have been awarded funding through this initiative.

  • “Support for Disability Assistance? Deservingness, Group Affect, and American Public Opinion,” Monica Schneider (Political Science) and Rachel Blum (Political Science) – $5,000
  • “Inclusion of a Miami Undergraduate Student with Autism in Autism Research,” Aaron Shield (Speech Pathology & Audiology) – $4,300
  • “Strategies for Healing from Racial Battle Fatigue,” Stephen Quaye (Educational Leadership) – $5,000
  • “Elect Her? Evaluation of a College Training Program,” Monica Schneider (Political Science) and Colleen Bunn (Office of Residence Life) – $4,400
  • “Developing and Evaluating an Interdisciplinary Curriculum Focused on Social Justice in Pre-Service Teacher Education,” Scott Sander (Teacher Education), Andrew Saultz (Educational Leadership), Brittany Aronson (Educational Leadership), Ashley Cartell Johnson (Educational Psychology), Molly Kelly (Educational Psychology), Rachel Radina (Teacher Education), and Ganiva Reyes (Teacher Education) – $15,000
  • “Improving a Positive Youth Development Program for African American and Latina Adolescent Girls: A Participatory Culture-Specific Intervention,” Erin Harper (Educational Psychology), Anthony James (Family Science & Social Work), Chamina Smith (Commerce) – $15,000
  • “A Culturally-Sensitive Investigation of Bisexual Women’s Increased Risk of Sexual Victimization,” graduate students Amy McConnell, Julia Kaufman, and Prachi Bhuptani, under the direction of Terri Messman-Moore (Psychology) – $2,500
  • “A Cross-Cultural Study of Mental Health Stigma and Help-Seeking,” graduate students Sarah Dreyer-Oren, Anjali Jain, and Tessa Benson-Greenwald and undergraduate student Tassee Hammond, under the direction of Elise Clerkin (Psychology) – $7,500

In the 2017-2018 round of applications for the University Research Awards (URA), Doctoral-Undergraduate Opportunity Scholarship (DUOS), and Committee on Faculty Research (CFR) Faculty Research Grants programs, special consideration will be given to proposals that include research, scholarship, or creative activities in the areas of social justice, human rights, diversity, and inclusion. Look for more information as program announcements are released in the coming months.

Abstract face image by Dawn Hudson via PublicDomainPictures.net, in the public domain. Hand image by Kaitlyn via clker.com, used under Creative Commons license.

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