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Everyday eSPA: Always start in Cayuse SP

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“Everyday eSPA” is series of occasional posts that offer Miami University researchers quick tips for working effectively in eSPA. Our first topic is starting in Cayuse SP.

Screenshot of Evisions Research Suite login landing page. Evisions Research Suite logo. Text: Evisions Research Suite 3.6. Research Administration Models: Cayuse SP (Sponsored Projects), Cayuse 424.

When you first login to eSPA, you will see two options in the “Research Administration Modules” section: Cayuse SP (Sponsored Projects) and Cayuse 424.

All eSPA users should always select Cayuse SP for all proposals.

If you’ve made the correct selection — Cayuse SP — you will see this screen:

Screenshot of Cayuse SP login landing page. Miami University logo. Page title: Sponsored Projects. Header: Logged in as: Heather Johnston. For immediate assistance contact OARS at 513.529.3600. Tabs: Home. My Dashboard. Reporting. Admin. Log out. Navigation: Proposal Dashboard section: Start New Proposal. My Proposals. Proposals in My Unit. Advanced Account Inbox. Award Dashboard section: My Awards. Awards in My Unit. Unit Approval Inbox. Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship OARS 501 E High Street 102 Roudebush Hall Oxford, OH 45056-1846. Phone: 513.529.3600. Fax: 513.529.3762. Main text: Welcome to Cayuse SP. Use the Proposal Dashboard to: Start a new Proposal. Edit and track proposal records you have created or on which you are named as a contributing member. View proposal records in administering departments to which you have been granted Proposal Data Access. Authorize preliminary award requests in your role as a Pre-Award Spending Approver. Use the Award Dashboard to: View awards on which you are listed. View awards in administering departments to which you have been granted award data access. Use the Certifications/Approvals Dashbard to: Certify proposals on which you are PI or Co-PI. Authorize proposals in your role as department/college/school/center approver. Administrative Support: Contact OARS for policies and procedures regarding the management and administration of research and sponsored activities. OARS is the primary contact for information about funding opportunities, proposal development, budget development, award administration, contract administration, and authorized signatures. Technical Support: For technical issues in Cayuse SP, contact Evisions Technical Support at one of the following: Email: Phone: 503.297.2108. Also refer to the Evisions Research Suite Support website for frequently asked questions, product documentation and other technical information. Footer: Evisions Research Suite logo. This application is supported by OARS. Please contact support if you have any questions.

Your next step is to click Start New Proposal in the “Proposal Dashboard.”

If you’ve made the wrong selection — Cayuse 424 — you will see this screen:

Screenshot of Cayuse 424 login landing page, with a giant red "X" superimposed on it. Cayuse 424 logo. Text: Welcome! Cayuse 424/v7.6.1. Navigation: Opportunities. Proposals. Professional Profiles. Institutional Profiles. Reports. Administration. Text: Ensure your OARS representative has reviewed your SP record prior to submitting for routing. Links: Compatible browser info. Support.

Simply close the tab and return to the previous screen to select Cayuse SP instead.

For more help with eSPA, consult our quick start guide or contact your OARS representative.

Digital image by roaded via Pixabay. Keyboard and mouse photo by Vojtech Okenka. Both public domain.

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