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Areas of responsibility assigned to OARS consultants

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To help distribute workload and ensure excellent customer service, OARS’ grant consultants  have traditionally divided their areas of responsibility by department or center/institute. Since we recently brought on a new staff member — Amy Cooper (formerly Amy Stander) — we wanted to provide the Miami community with a complete list of each consultant’s areas of responsibility. In addition to this post, a listing by department and center can be found on the OARS website.

Areas of responsibility for Anne Schauer

Aerospace Studies/Naval Science (ROTC)
Architecture & Interior Design
Center for Analytics & Data Science
Center for Advanced Microscopy & Imaging
Center for Business Leadership
Center for Chemistry Education
Center for Information Management
Center for Management Development
Center for Public Management & Regional Affairs
Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs
(formerly Tricia Callahan)
Center for Social Entrepreneurship (formerly Tricia Callahan)
Chemical, Paper, & Biomedical Engineering
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Computer Science & Software Engineering
Confucius Institute
Corporate & Community Institute
Electrical & Computer Engineering
(formerly Tricia Callahan)
Geology & Environmental Earth Science
Geospatial Analysis Center
Information Systems & Analytics
Institute for the Environment & Sustainability
Interactive Media Studies/Augmented Reality (formerly Tricia Callahan)
Kinesiology & Health (formerly Tricia Callahan)
Management & Leadership

Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Myaamia Center
(formerly Tricia Callahan)
Ohio Writing Project
Political Science
(formerly Tricia Callahan)
Scripps Gerontology Center (formerly Tricia Callahan)
Speech Pathology & Audiology
Statistical Consulting Center

Areas of responsibility for Amy Cooper

All formerly Tricia Callahan, unless otherwise noted

Applied Research Center
Art Museum
Biological Sciences
– Regionals
Center for Aquatic and Watershed Sciences
Center for Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics
Center of Excellence for Structural Biology and Metabonomics
Center for Human Development, Learning, & Technology (formerly Anne Schauer)
Center for Neuroscience & Behavior
Center for Teaching Excellence
Center for Visual Sciences

Commerce – Regionals
Comparative Religion
Computer & Information Technology – Regionals
Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, & Professional Learning (formerly Anne Schauer)
Ecology Research Center
Education & Society
Regionals (formerly Anne Schauer)
Educational Leadership (formerly Anne Schauer)
Educational Psychology (formerly Anne Schauer)
Engineering Technology
Family Science & Social Work
(formerly Anne Schauer)
French and Italian

Global and Intercultural Studies
German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (GRAMELAC)
Havighurst Center
Hefner Museum
Humanities and Creative Arts – Regionals
Humanities Center
Individualized Studies (Western Program)
Interdisciplinary and Community Studies – Regionals
Justice & Community Studies – Regionals (formerly Anne Schauer)
Languages, Literatures, and Writing – Regionals
Mathematical & Physical SciencesRegionals (formerly Anne Schauer)
McGuffey Museum
Media, Journalism, & Film
Mindfulness & Contemplative Inquiry Center
(formerly Anne Schauer)

Performing Arts Series
Regional Administrative Units
Regionals (formerly Anne Schauer)
Social and Behavioral Sciences – Regionals
Sociology & Gerontologyincluding Regionals
Spanish and Portuguese
Teacher Education
(formerly Anne Schauer)
University Libraries

You can reach Anne Schauer at schauerap@MiamiOH.edu or 513-529-3735. You can reach Amy Cooper at standeae@MiamiOH.edu or 513-529-1795.

Teamwork photo by geralt via Pixabay, public domain. Responsibility photo by Nick Youngson via The Blue Diamond Gallery, used under Creative Commons license

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