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Everyday eSPA: Asking OARS to review before submitting for routing

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“Everyday eSPA” is series of occasional posts that offer Miami University researchers quick tips for working effectively in eSPA.

Once you have completed the required information on all screens in your eSPA record, you will see green check marks next to every entry in the “Item List” on the lefthand side of the record screen.

At this point, the Submit for Routing button below the “Item List” will become active and clickable. (Note that the “Submission Notes” screen is optional, so it does not need to be completed, nor does it need to be accompanied by a green check mark in the “Item List” for the Submit for Routing button to become clickable, as shown in the screeenshot below.)

Screenshot of a record in Cayuse SP. All of the items in the "Item List" have green check marks beside them. Those checkmarks are highlighted, as is the "Submit for Routing" button below the Item List.

Before you click that Submit for Routing button, however, you should ask your OARS proposal facilitator to review your record for accuracy and completeness. The reason is that any changes made to the proposal after you click the Submit for Routing button will cause the proposal to have to be re-routed. Reviewing the same proposal multiple times can be confusing and time-consuming for chairs, directors, and deans.

If you send an email to your OARS proposal facilitator asking her to review your proposal record before you hit the “Submit for Routing” button, she can check for common errors, including incorrectly calculated sponsored effort percent, missing credit allocation, home departments incorrectly designated as affiliated units, and project names that don’t follow conventions. These errors can then be corrected before the proposal is routed, ensuring that the proposal your chair, dean, and other administrators review is accurate and complete and that re-review is rarely required.

For more help with eSPA, check out other posts in our “Everyday eSPA” series, consult our quick start guide, or contact your OARS proposal facilitator.

“Everyday eSPA” series posts:

Digital image by roaded via Pixabay. Keyboard and mouse photo by Vojtech Okenka. Both public domain.

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