The conductor and grand pianist are in the foreground of this image of a symphony orchestra.

Apply for CFR PREP program any time

Red hardcover book gutter with sewn pages flipping through the air ready for browsing. The cover has a shiny, plastic texture.

The University Senate Committee on Faculty Research (CFR) invites Miami University’s tenure-eligible and tenured faculty (including librarians holding the M.S.L.S. degree or equivalent) to apply for support from the Publication, Reprint, Exhibition, and Performance (PREP) Costs program. The PREP program provides reimbursement up to $500 for the following:

  • Journal page charges
  • Book publication
  • Article or book chapter reprint costs
  • Exhibition or performance costs
  • Performance or composition costs

Applications to this program may be made at any time.  Reimbursement is limited to $500 per faculty member per academic year.

PREP awards were made to the following faculty in 2018-2019:

Luis Actis (Microbiology)
Bernard Au  (Art )
Ricardo Averbach (Music) 
William Berg (Kinesiology and Health)
Per Bloland (Music)
Rachel Blum (Political Science) 
Mike Brudzinski (Geology and Environmental Earth Science)
Joomi Chung (Art) 
Randal Claytor (Kinesiology and Health) 
Carole Dabney-Smith (Chemistry and Biochemistry) 
Thomas Fisher (Statistics) 
Maria Gonzalez (Biology) 
David Gorchov (Biology) 
Bartosz Grudzinski (Geography)
Kimberly Hamlin (Global and Intercultural Studies/History) 
Michael Hatch (Art) 
Susan Hoffman (Biology) 
Frank Huang (Music) 
John Humphries (Architecture and Interior Design) 
Mariana Ivanova (German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures) 
Ben Jacks (Architecture and Interior Design) 
Vrinda Kalia (Psychology) 
Brian Keane (Biology) 
Michael Kennedy (Chemistry and Biochemistry) 
Seonjin Kim (Statistics) 
Chun Liang (Biology) 
Patrizio Martinelli (Architecture and Interior Design) 
Claire McLeod (Geology and Environmental Earth Science) 
Kimberly Medley (Geography) 
Andrew Offenburger (History) 
Kaara Peterson (English) 
Ellen Price (Art) 
Jason Rech (Geology and Environmental Earth Science )
Lindsay Regele (History) 
Noriko Reider (German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures) 
Andrea Righi (French and Italian) 
Paul Schaeffer (Biology) 
Haifei Shi (Biology) 
Leonard Smart Jr. (Psychology) 
Nancy Solomon (Biology) 
Cecilia Suhr (Humanities and Creative Arts) 
Harvey Thurmer (Music) 
Paul Urayama (Physics) 
Michael Vanni (Biology)
Whitney Womack Smith (Languages, Literatures, and Writing) 
Mehdi Zanjani (Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering)

Before applying for PREP program reimbursement, please read the program guidelines carefully.

Questions about the program may be directed to OARS or to Po-Chang Chen, 2019-2020 CFR Chair (513-529-2261).

About CFR

CFR is charged with supporting and encouraging the development of research and creative activity at Miami University.  In carrying out this charge, the CFR administers programs that support and celebrate faculty research and creative activities. Application to these programs is made through OARS.  Guidelines for all CFR programs — including detailed information, eligibility criteria, and application procedures — are available on the OARS website.

Orchestra photo by Miami University Photo Services.  Book photo by Horia Varlan via Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.

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