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Miami transitions to online annual status reports for human subjects research

Screenshot of human subjects research online annual status report system. Text: Miami University. Human Subjects Research - Annual status report. This form is used to indicate a previously approved Level 2 (IRB) project is continuing, all personnel are appropriately trained and monitored, and data is secured. A link to this form is sent annually to the Primary Contact (PC) and Faculty Advisor (FA) (if a student project). Responses to the questions below are required and will indicate how records will be maintained. Submission of this form also serves as an assurance by the PC and FA that all personnel have completed the training and are competent given their assigned roles.
Annual status reports for human subjects research can now be submitted through an online system.

Due to changes in regulations for human subjects protections and Miami policy regarding what is commonly known as “Continuing Review,” Miami is transitioning to an online annual status report system. Approval will no longer lapse, and protocols will not be automatically closed unless no response is received to two annual requests for a report. Approval letters will no longer include expiration dates. However, the approval letters will include the date the next annual status report is due. It would be wise to have a personnel roster updated and available before beginning the online form. We will be transitioning next year to a system whereby all annual reports are requested and submitted during the summer break.

As has been the practice in the past, the Research Ethics and Integrity program will still accept the annual report Word template submitted by email attachment to humansubjects@miamioh.edu during this transition phase.

Laptop photo by Pixel.la Free Stock Photos via Wikimedia Commons, used under Creative Commons license.

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