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New PI certification added in Cayuse to comply with NSF term and condition on sexual harassment

On September 21, the National Science Foundation (NSF) published a term and condition for award that requires awardee organizations to report certain events related sexual harassment. Specifically, these include:

Any findings or determinations that an NSF-funded principal investigator or co-principal investigator committed harassment, including sexual harassment or sexual assault.

The placement of the principal investigator or co-principal investigator on administrative leave, or of the imposition of any administrative action relating to a harassment or sexual assault finding or investigation.

This requirement is in effect for NSF awards made on or after October 21, 2018. To comply with this and similar policies that are likely to be implemented by other sponsors, Miami is adding a new certification for PIs in Cayuse. The certification reads as follows:

I acknowledge that if I am found responsible for violating the University ‘s Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination or if any administrative action is taken against me, including being placed on leave pending an investigation, the university may be obligated to report such actions to the external funding agency if and when funding is awarded or during the project period.

I acknowledge that I have a duty to self-report to the Director of Research Ethics and Integrity any such allegations against me whether the allegations arise out of conduct at the University, on-line, at field sites, at facilities or at conferences/workshops.

I acknowledge that I have a duty to report to the Director of Research Ethics and Integrity my knowledge of any such actions against any other member of the project personnel and that the University may be obligated to report such actions to the external funding agency if and when funding is awarded.

According to NSF, reports of any actions covered by the new term and condition will result in the NSF “consult[ing] with the awardee organization, and determin[ing] what action is necessary under NSF’s authority. NSF actions may include substituting or removing principal investigators or co-principal investigators, reducing award funding, and — where neither of those options is available or adequate — suspending or terminating awards.”

More information about the NSF policy, including a fact sheet, is available on the NSF website. Questions about policies and procedures Miami is implementing may be emailed to me.

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Research compliance office announces training location, issues reminder

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IRB trainings to be held in new ORU classroom

As the beginning of a new academic year begins, so does a new series of IRB application trainings. Starting Fall 2014, IRB application trainings will be offered in the new Office for Research for Undergraduates (ORU) classroom in Suite 122 King Library. Registration information for Fall 2014 semester is now posted on the Research Compliance website.  Faculty who teach research methods courses and would like a consultation and/or classroom instruction for the IRB process and overview should contact the Research Compliance Office.

CITI accounts must be updated to include @MiamiOH.edu email addresses

Faculty, staff, and students with active CITI accounts who were with the university prior to July 2013 should update their accounts to use the new MiamiOH.edu domain. Your Miami University email account ought to be the primary email address affiliated with CITI. It is important that you receive timely reminders from CITI regarding your completion reports and expiration dates. For CITI completion dates please use the online search utility.

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