Boy waving goodbye.

Out with the OARS and in with the new

Neon sign reads "NEW"

As previously announced, the Office for the Advancement of Research & Scholarship is no more. We are currently in the process of updating our communications channels to reflect our new name: the Office of Research & Innovation.

In fact, you may have noticed some changes here in this very blog. The blog is now known as the Research & Innovation Report and it has a new URL: If you’re a subscriber, you don’t need to do anything to keep seeing posts in your inbox. And if you’ve bookmarked us, no need to worry about updating the link because the old URL redirects to the new one. But, if you tell anyone about us — and we hope you will! — it would probably be good to send them to the new URL.  (And a heads-up that we will be redesigning the blog, so look for a fresh new appearance in the coming weeks.)

We’ve also updated our Twitter handle and created a new Facebook page.

If you already follow us on Twitter, thank you; there’s no need to do anything to keep seeing our tweets in your feed. You’ll just see they come from MiamiOH_ResInno, rather than MiamiOH_OARS. If you don’t already follow us but want to, or if you need to update a bookmark or want to invite a friend to follow us, you can find us at

Whether you followed OARS’ old Facebook page (which will no longer be supported) or would like to connect with us for the first time, we encourage you to like our new page at

We look forward to seeing you around!

Neon sign image by mstlion via Pixabay. Wave goodbye image by mohamed_hassan via Pixabay. Both used under Creative Commons license.